Upgrade Summary of January, 2020

Upgrade Summary of January, 2020

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Isuzu V3.20 upgrade Notice
1.Added support for action testing of all Isuzu systems.
2.Added some special functions such as normal regeneration of DPF in other areas of Isuzu, injector flow, exhaust pressure differential sensor learning, fuel pump learning reset, engine speed control, and writing of VIN code.
3.Solved the problem that the engine and ABS system version information was displayed incorrectly in N-series models.

Perodua V3.30 upgrade Notice
1.Resolved an issue that failed to clear codes automatically.

HuaChen V3.12 upgrade Notice
1.Added Brilliance auto maintenance and new energy models for easy access.

TATA V3.41 upgrade Notice
1.Solve the problem that CARS | INDICA VISTA | DOMESTIC | DIESEL | QUADRAJET-90 PS BSIII EMS fault code is undefined.
2. Fix fault code display problem.

Peugeot、Citroen V4.50 upgrade Notice
1.Re-developed vehicle models that support version information and data flow functions can be tested from 2018 to 2018.
2.Solve Peugeot 307 parking assistance communication failure, inaccurate data flow and other problems.
3.Optimize the automatic scanning process and shorten the scanning time.

BYD V3.31 upgrade Notice
1.Added BYD auto maintenance and new energy models for easy access.
2.Added the function of confirming vehicle information.

JAC V2.81 upgrade Notice
1.Newly added JAC car maintenance and new energy models for easy access.

Mahindra V4.10 upgrade Notice
1.Added support for ECU information, Read codes, Live data, Active test for MARAZZO models.
2.Added support for special functions of MARAZZO models: Service reminder, Write feature code, Write tuner region, Language selection, RDS parameter, TPMS option, etc.

Vw、Skoda、Seat、Lamborghini、Bugatti、Bentley、Audi、Vw_CV V4.00 upgrade Notice
1.The testable model year to 2019, support version information, read DTCs, clear DTCs, data flow, basic functions of action test, and special functions of matching, coding, basic settings, and secure login.
2.Added support to enter menu function by system.
3.Add new car maintenance for easy access.

ChangHe V4.00 upgrade Notice
1.Add Changhe automobile maintenance and new energy models for easy access.
2.Maintenance Function Upgrade Instructions In January
EOBD V2.82 upgrade Notice
1.Optimize OBD emission test report.

SteerReset V3.10 upgrade Notice
1.Solve the unsuccessful problem of the Land Rover Range Rover steering angle sensor calibration in 2012-2013.
2.Solve the problem that the BMW 740Li steering angle cannot communicate in 2005.
3.Solve the problem of the failure of the FAW Toyota Corolla steering angle function in 2008.
4.Solve the problem of the failure of the 2015 Excelle GT steering angle steering wheel angle sensor learning calibration.
5.Solve the problem that the Porsche macan steering angle lacks the calibration function in 2018.

Oil Reset V2.68 upgrade Notice
1.Added oil reset for Jac Refine S3 fourth generation, Kay Wing X5.
2.Added oil reset for Rowei RX8, new 550 hybrid(2016).
3.Added oil reset for Haval F7, VV6, new energy(great wall C30EV, Ora IQ, Ora-R1).
4.Added oil reset for FAW Car Red Flag H5.
5.Added oil reset for SAIC MG China (EZS (ZS11E)).
6.Added manual oil reset for Karry Auto Elegant 2 Series.
7.Added oil reset for BAIC New Energy EC series.
8.Added oil reset for Jetour.
9.Added oil reset for Qingling.
10.Added oil reset for Citroen REPLAY 3 EURO5|6 JUMPER3 EURO5|6 oil reset.

S8/S7C APK V3.65 upgrade Notice
1.Add ECO OBD Report.
2.Adjust download memory judgment.

S7 APK V3.65 upgrade Notice
1.Add ECO OBD Report.
2.Adjust download memory judgment.
3.Repair the system upgrade without displaying problems.

S7C EUUI OS V3.04.003 upgrade Notice
1.Optimize bluetooth connection speed after sleep wake.

Lib V4.00 upgrade Notice
1.Fixed Bug that EOBD Diagnose Application Stuck in Scan for 2016 Haval H7.
2.Optimize External AutoVin Function.
3.Fixed Bug that Occasionally Do not connect to the VCI.

VDS2 RoeweMG V2.22 upgrade Notice
1.First release, complete adaptation of VDS2 Roewe MG diagnostic system and Roewe MG programming system.

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